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    Machen's Warrior Children


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    Machen's Warrior Children Empty Machen's Warrior Children

    Post by elnwood on Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:17 pm

    I'm curious about what people think about John Frame's article. Many of the TRs despise it, but I found it insightful, and I'd like to know specifically what people think Frame got right and what he got wrong.

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    Machen's Warrior Children Empty Re: Machen's Warrior Children

    Post by Pilgrim on Sat May 02, 2009 1:19 pm

    I think it does have some merit, especially in the sense that some will ride a hobby horse or movement to the detriment of proclaiming whole counsel of God. However, I also think some of the things he lists really were or are worth fighting over.

    A similar list could be compiled of issues within Southern Baptist life, and I have recently considered a post or series of posts entitled "Patterson's Warrior Children." So mark it down, that's my title! But the analogy doesn't quite fit since Paige Patterson is still very much with us and is himself one of the "warriors." Also, the SBC "conservatives" are still in the SBC and didn't have to separate as the OPC did, so that arguably makes for a different dynamic as well. With Machen's early death, those on both sides of many of those issues (Clark-Van Til especially) could make him into sort of a wax nose and argue that he would have been on their side, etc.

    With things like Presbyterians and Presbyterians together a few years ago, Frame sometimes comes off like those Southern Baptists who urge an end to "fighting" and unity around missions and evangelism while basically papering over or ignoring differences.

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